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1st Mission Trip 2007

How did it Begin

Through a chance meeting in 2006, our director Jim Shiner met Ugandan pastor Frank Butayi, the Founder of Restoration Assembly Church, in St. Regis, Montana. They planned the 1st Mission trip in 2007 where they went to establish an orphanage. Later they began sponsoring children at the schools to receive education and that has become the primary role of Restoration Uganda.


Sponsors commit to consistently give a set amount around $30-75 per month to go towards the cost of education for a child(ren) in Kampala.


Our goal is to maintain the integrity of the sponsorships through regular communication with the sponsors and the school administrator in Kampala.

Students enter the program through the Restoration Primary School of the church in Nakulabye, a very poor region of Kampala. The sponsors donate a little more than $30 each month, which provides the students with uniforms, tuition, books, supplies, and a daily meal.


This monthly donation through Restoration Uganda has a greater impact than just the sponsored student: it provides for teacher's salaries, scholarships to non-sponsored students, and new facilities for the school.


Daily Meals


Most students in our school live nearby and walk to school.

Years ago, we discovered that a large number of children who went home during lunch break did not have food to eat.

They came to school hungry and their academic performance was suffering.


In 2011, we instituted a ministry where every student in the school is fed twice a day, creating healthier students and better academics.

Your Restoration Uganda sponsorship, not only provides for your student, but helps feed hundreds of students every day!

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Christ Centered

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Through providing life changing education to very poor children we are dependent on the direction and provision from the Lord. Also, it is an integral part of our sponsored children's education that they learn about the Lord and consistently  participate in prayer and worship within the school environment.


Trips to Uganda


Our director travels to Uganda annually to ensure all students are still receiving their education. Sponsors are given update pictures, personal information, and letters each year. Sponsors are also given opportunities to provide letters, pictures, and gifts for their students.

Some trips are open for people to join on a Mission trip to meet their sponsored students or minister through this ministry

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