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Different Sponsorships and How it works


Uganda schools operate on a trimester basis with classes beginning in January, May, and September. Restoration Uganda sends the sponsorship money to Uganda three times a year at the beginning of these semesters. Assuming that you select a standard primary student, your initial sponsorship commitment will be $31 per month. To simplify bookkeeping, we request that sponsors donate a 4-month gift ($124) sometime in the month of April, August, and December. Of course, you can always send a monthly check or even pay a year in advance. You choose whichever option is best for you. On our end, we need 4-months available by the beginning of each term. Don't worry, we will send you reminder emails or phone calls if you forget. The best part is that 100% of sponsor donations are wire-transferred to Uganda. You read that correctly. We keep nothing for operating expenses. Restoration Uganda is served completely by non-paid volunteers and our operating expense budget is funded separately from sponsor donations.


Many of our sponsors find it easier to donate once a month. We offer an optional program that will enable you to give automatically from your checking account to Restoration Uganda at no expense to you. Your monthly automatic donations are still tax deductible, and we will send you a record of your giving at the end of each year.


In Uganda, the best opportunity for education is for students to attend boarding school. Almost every school offers this option, which includes housing, uniforms, meals, and a controlled environment for studies. Students are picked up by the school to live on campus for 3 months during each term, before returning home for the break. As you might expect, the cost of boarding school is considerably higher, $71 per month for Restoration Boarding section or $284 every trimester.



A standard primary student at Restoration Assembly School will be a sponsorship commitment of $31 per month.


Upon completion of Primary 7, the students take the national test and then can move into Secondary School. Once your child graduates from Restoration Assembly, you will be given the opportunity to continue your sponsored child's secondary education for an extra $10 per month, or $41.

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For students who have been living in homes where the poverty level was unspeakable, or for those whose families have moved out of the area, we consider placing a student in Boarding section. For $71 per month, these students live in a compound adjacent to the church and school. They are a part of the Restoration Church family and are being discipled in their faith while excelling in academics. 


There are Students that start off at Restoration schools and due to their family moving they are transferred to other schools. The School fees for these students vary widely depending on level of school and cost of attending their new school. Also, when students move past the education that Restoration Assembly schools has to offer, we try to provide for the costs of Trade Schools, University studies, etc

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Today, Restoration Uganda attempts to find each student in the orphanage an individual sponsor.

In order to help sustain life for the entire orphanage, the sponsorship donations are significantly higher. $50 per month while in Primary School and $100 per month for Secondary and University.


Students in Restoration Uganda are required to give a serious effort towards their education. On a few occasions, we have had to replace students who moved away from Nakulabye or were not were not giving a solid effort in school. Additionally, sponsors often find themselves unable to continue their commitment, for various reasons. Each time this happens, the student continues in school while we attempt to find another sponsor to support them. If you decide to discontinue your sponsorship, we only request that you give us one term's notice (or as much as possible) so we can attempt to find another sponsor.

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