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Restoration Assembly Church


Our ministry is directly connected to The Restoration Assembly Church in Nakulabye, Kampala Uganda.

Through a chance meeting in 2006, our director Jim Shiner met Ugandan pastor Frank Butayi in St. Regis, Montana.

Their relationship has produced much fruit with each traveling to the other's country annually since 2007.

Pastor Frank Butayi (pictured with his wife Hellen) founded the Restoration Assembly Church in 1998.

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Restoration Assembly Church

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The Building

The Current Church building was constructed in 2016 and was built with room for offices at the front. 

Mission Trip Blessings

Through our mission Trips we have been about to bring a blessing to all that attend Restoration Assembly Church. One year providing every person with a long bar of multi-purpose soap. Another trip giving every person a bag of sugar or flour. Being such a poor country the whole church ends up in "Holy Choas" over such precious gifts.

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Uganda Media Ministry

Frank has preached the gospel on several continents (Asia, America, Australia, Africa), helped plant about 40 churches in Kampala, and established a thriving church that operates evangelistic outreaches through crusades and a daily radio ministry in Kampala.


Frank Butayi is monumental in bringing the word of God to families all around Uganda through the Radio. They fill many time slots every day.

Layout of Ministry

The ministries of the church directly supported by Restoration Uganda are:


  • The Boarding Section of Restoration Primary School


Purple = Church

Blue = Nursery

Red = Primary

Yellow = future      Secondary

White = Boarding

Green = Support buildings

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