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Uganda's Demographics

Out of 34 million Ugandans, about 18 million are 14 years old or younger.  It is estimated that 4 million of these children are not in school.  This is largely due to the national poverty where 23 million Ugandans live on less than $2 USD per day.


Our school is in Nakulabye, a neighborhood within Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda. In this neighborhood there is one public school servicing 300,000 people.  Private school fees are too expensive for the vast majority of families, leaving many without hope of a life beyond surviving.



Since public education is not available to every child in Uganda, most families and children must make great sacrifices in order to achieve an education.

A close friend of mine put himself through school by participating in Competition. His school offered a free scholarship to the top student every year and he made sure he was that student every year.

On my first trip to Uganda, I met another young man in his late twenties. He was attending Secondary School which is equivalent to High School in the United States.

In order to attend high school, he had to work for two years to save up tuition fees so he could attend another year of school.

Then he repeated the process, working two years so that he pay for another year of school. Through a sponsor in the United States, he finally achieved a University Degree.

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